Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Marking the queen

My new queens are unmarked and I wanted to mark them. This makes them easy spot, easy to determine the age of, and you know in an instant if the queen you are looking at is the one you put there. Due to an unfortunate incident involving paint and a home renovation project, I am not allowed to paint anything within 100 miles of my house. Therefore, my Omniscient Beekeeper marked the queen for me.

There are 5 colors to paint your queens, the color you use depends on what year the queen was born in. Years ending in 1 and 6 are white, 2 and 7 are yellow, 3 and 8 are red, 4 and 9 are green, 5 and 0 are blue.

"When You Read Good Books" is how I remember this.

You can buy queen marking pens, but we just used child safe paint (i.e. non-toxic) and a small paint brush.

Not too shabby for a first mark.